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Saturday, July 10, 2010

amigos!  word.

first i want to thank all of you guys so much for your support, your outreach efforts, your kind words, and your generous donations.  if there is a silver lining in all this mess, it is that the beauty of humanity shines through in times of darkness.  sometimes, it does take an earth shattering event to motivate us.  we all know what has been going down in the world over the last few decades, but now we see the effects of it first hand.  we say enough is enough!  it is time for us to take the power back, and i for one, am stoked for the revolution!  we all know that we need a separation of corporation and state.  our first great american revolution was due in part to separation of church and state.  this could be our second.  if you want it.  it is time for more than just the bottom line.  or at least the bottom line must include the survival of our children, of our species, and of our home.  aren't these as valuable as money?
uh oh... spilled.

as many of you know, kurma is the sanskrit word for turtle.  sanskrit is the ancient language of india, hinduism, and yoga.  roughly translated our project, kurmalliance, is yoga for the turtles!  beloved Kurma, is also the second avatar of Vishnu, who, in my humble opinion, is the coolest god in the hindu trinity.  he is the preserver,  the dude who comes to the rescue.  the dude we need now!  in an age old story, Vishnu comes in earthly form as Kurma, to save humanity, by hoisting a great mountain upon his shell, churning the seas, and distilling the elixir of life.  that was the first time the turtle saved the world.  the second is now.  the turtle is the totem of this revolution.  he is providing the motivation to get involved in the war, and fight for what is right.  he saves humanity once again!.. by getting us involved, recognizing that the nectar of life lies with the ocean, and if we continue to kill it, we will be faced with our own death and extinction.  oh mylanta!  wonder how they knew 5000 years ago that the turtle would play such a huge role in our potential evolution, or our possible extinction.

the turtle needs us now!

poor lil dude!  there are more out there, waiting to be rescued.

we have made alot of progress in the last week.  our good friends at the insights foundation have offered us an umbrella, so that we can partner through their non profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible! you can send a check made out to insights foundation, and in the memo line please write kurmalliance- turtle rescue.  you can mail it to:

brock cahill
1529 1/2 andalusia ave.
venice ca, 90291

if you prefer to donate online, easy...

i have also aligned with a brass balls crew... set to document, and distribute all of the information that we uncover as we are on the mission.  it will be a wild ride.  stay tuned.
we will hoist all information up on the web as possible.

the whole purpose of this mission, is that we are up in arms at the debacle this catastrophe has become.  we believe in the power of individuals to make a difference.  we want to get involved!  and we dont feel like making a donation to some organization... where you never know where the money ends up, you never see any real action, and you forget all about it once you have signed your check.  we want you on board.  we want your support, and we want you to stay engaged.  i promise to do my best to assure that.  this is our army for peace, and evolution.  i know that the turtle rescue mission is not going to stop the spill, but i believe that it is a catalyst to doing so.  by getting involved, and getting you involved.

our plan remains the same:  get to the gulf, get a boat, and get to work saving turtles.

"when the people lead, the leaders will follow."  ghandi

i have attached our official funding request.  it is much more professional, than me.., your highly motivated local yogi, that has had enough of this shit, and cant digest another spoonful.  have a look at it.  it is poignant!

much love from the trenches!    -brock

ps: if you'd like some background info on how this project was hatched, and would like to read the original mission statement...!/event.php?eid=129234927115240&index=1

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